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Krishnadev P Melevila is a  cyber security researcher and self-learned ethical hacker. Krishnadev P Melevila was born on 17-04-2002 and bought up in the Kerala state of India. He is an expert in cybersecurity and penetration testing and is mainly focused on web applicat...


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How Krishnadev P Melevila approach a target?

Krishnadev's Methodology


The first step is to enumerate and study the target carefully


The second step is to point out vulnerability and exploit the target


Patching is the crucial step in cybersecurity as to prevent any third attack .

Krishnadev Recent Bug Reports

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Vulnerability on Assam Citizen Portal

I was able to do HTML injection and do a...

Exposing Millions of citizens data on Kerala Government Website

Krishnadev P Melevila found a new Critic...

How Krishnadev hacked a news website?

Krishnadev P Melevila found a new vulner...


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Some common questions

No, It is not easy to hack one social media account without any victim interaction (direct/indirect). If one can hack any social media account without any victim interaction, Then that is a zero-day vulnerability and may be eligible for bounties

Sure. But always remember that we can't learn only just hacking. The course is called cyber security. so there we need to learn even from the basics of networking. So always keep in mind that hacking always need patience at its top priority.

Currently I am not selling courses but I am selling the methodology that I learned. This means I am selling all the open-source materials that I used to learn. You can access it through

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